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This year we have decided to get involved with the White Rose #Barvember challenge. This year is set to be their biggest yet with thousands of schools from across the world joining in.

​Barvember runs from 4th – 29th Nov and gives you 5 problems a day that lend themselves well to being answered with a bar model. The first 2 questions are fairly simple for younger children and questions 3 and 4 get a little more difficult for older children. 

The challenge question is most often used in the staff room to challenge the teachers but as parents become more confident maybe you would like to give it a go…. can you beat the teachers?! No answer will be provided for this one so keep an eye out on social media at #Barvember to see if your answer matches others!

Please send in any solutions solved by children or adults so that we can share in all our learning and develop the mindset that everyone can!

Let the bar modelling begin #Barvember #MathsEveryoneCan


What is bar modelling?

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