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Enrichment Challenges For All Age Groups

Keep A Diary

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Science From Home

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10 activities that you can try with your parents. You can use these at home to help develop your science, technology, engineering and maths skills. These activities are easy to resource and provide children with the stimulus to talk about the world around them. If you see a link, you can explore how to extend these activities, you will need to sign up, for free, to access these materials. Don’t forget to share your work on social media #ScienceFromHome



This is a dedicated website for home science activities which are fun and easy to do. Ask an adult to help you choose one and have a go!

Spider safari

Won't stop the music


Do you love to sing? Click on the picture to access more information. 

Wadhurst Challenge

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Click on the picture to download the document. How many of the challenges can you complete? colour them in as you go!



#DrawWithRob is a series of draw-along videos that you can watch with your families and, hopefully, make some nice pictures together. 

Paint A Rainbow

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In hopes of spreading cheer during this difficult time, many children are adding some pops of colour to their home's exterior.This started in America and now kids are doing it here too.  Draw or paint your own rainbow masterpieces and display them in your windows for other children to see when walking by. Now, every time Children go out for a walk, they can go on a mini scavenger hunt and try to locate the homes with rainbows. Don’t forget to ask your parents to tweet your rainbows too using the handle @WadhurstPrimary #rainbows  #SpreadingHope

Every rainbow is a reminder to us all that something beautiful always comes after a storm.

Get Talking About Science


Reach Out Reporter is a free weekly science news programme for primary aged children. Watch some of the clips with your parents. The website has lots of suggestions for how to use the news bulletins to spark science conversations.

Scavenger Hunt

Click on the image to download the document. Go on a book scavenger hunt, how many can you find?!

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Lockdown Memento

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Our EYFS teachers have set this task for their children but we think it could be fun for the whole family! Click the image to see the instructions.

Learn To Draw

Grab yourself a piece of paper and a pencil and click on the image to draw alongside your favourite author/illustrator (check with an adult that they are happy for you to use youtube). 

Or for younger children try these drawing lessons by clicking on the image below (parents might need to follow the links to set up youtubekids). Parents can share any of your brilliant masterpieces using the twitter handle @WadhurstPrimary



Flying Machines

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There are lots of different ways to make paper aeroplanes. Investigate with these fantastic flying machines or make some of your own. Race against your family members, whos will go the furthest! 

Get moving, Stay active

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Click on the image to access the challenges

Be an engineer!


Dyson engineers have designed these challenges specifically for children. Ideal for home or in the classroom, they encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering.

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