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School Council


The aims of the School Council are to:
• promote a shared sense of ownership and responsibility within the school and
• encourage students to take an active role in school life.

There are many positive outcomes to having a School Council, these include:
• positive attitudes to learning
• improved relationships with peers and adults
• raised self-esteem 
• improved self-confidence

The School Council, over the course of the year, will be involved in numerous projects. Some of these will be driven by the School Improvement Plan and others will be developed in response to student concerns or ideas. 
The Council members will act as a ‘voice’ for their classmates and, through their experiences, will learn a great deal about democracy and teamwork.


The School Council has been involved in many exciting projects over the past couple of years, which have had a very positive impact in our school. These have included: reviewing and adapting our school uniform policy; promoting healthy lifestyles as part of a ‘Healthy Me!’ project; and raising awareness of Online Safety, which included creating Online Safety Agreements for both parents and pupils. 
This year, the School Council will be involved with reviewing lunchtimes, with a focus on developing the different types of activities provided during this time.

Our Councillors 2018/19

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