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The Governing Board

The Governing Board oversees the work of our school. The Governing Board, when at capacity, will have 14 members, as follows:

  • Four parent governors who are elected by the parent body and must be the parent or carer of a child attending the school at the time of their appointment. They should keep in touch with other parents but make up their own minds on how to vote on any specific issue;
  • One Staff governor elected by their colleagues;
  • One Local education authority governor appointed by East Sussex County Council;
  •  Two foundation governors appointed by the Diocese of Chichester;
  • Four co-opted governors appointed by the governing body based on their skills and experience;
  • The Headteacher is an ex officio governor which means that he is appointed as a result of the position he holds; and
  • The Vicar of St Peter and St Paul, Wadhurst parish church is also an ex officio governor.

Associate Members are appointed by the Governing Board to provide specific skills which may, from time-to-time, be needed to help the governors discharge their responsibilities.  There are currently no Associate Members of the Governing Board.  

The Governing Board has many different responsibilities, but primarily it must promote high standards of academic achievement and help ensure that the school is a safe and happy place for its pupils. It helps to do this in many different ways, including setting school budgets, ensuring the National Curriculum is taught to all pupils, setting targets for achievement, monitoring information about the quality of teaching in the school and comparing results with other schools and dealing with parental complaints and concerns and making regular monitoring visits. It also takes a long-term, strategic look at how the school should develop, and always welcomes the opinions of and representations from, parents, staff, pupils and the local community.

The governors work is divided between meetings of the Full Governing Board (FGB), chaired by Miquela Walsh, which are attended by all governors, and the Resources, Staffing and Pay (RSP) committee, chaired by Krystal Patrice.   Not all governors are members of the committee.

The minutes of meetings are available on request to the clerk to governors: clerk@wadhurstpri.e-sussex.sch.uk.  

Please note that any questions about the day-to-day operation of the school, or any complaints, should first be directed to your child's class teacher, phase leader, or the headteacher.

Governors' Attendance at FGB Meetings (for the academic year 2022/2023)


Full name FGB 28/09/2022 FGB 23/11/2022 FGB 08/02/2023 FGB 22/03/2023 FGB 24/04/2023 FGB 17/05/2023 FGB 12/07/2023 Summary
Katy Baker N N N N Y Y Y 3/7
Suzanne Cresswell N Y N N N Y N 2/7
Jennifer Davidson^ Y             1/1
Ian Fitzgerald Y N Y N N N Y 3/7
Chris Fox^^ Y Y Y N N N   3/6
David Hemsley Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 1/1
Joanne Musgrave Y Y Y N Y Y Y 6/7
Lindsay Pamphilon Y N Y Y Y Y Y 6/7
Krystal Patrice Y Y Y Y N N Y 5/7
Marie-Sophie  Raskin^^^   Y N Y Y Y N 4/6
Paul Ratcliffe Y N N Y N Y Y 4/7
Lydia Thompson Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 7/7
Mark Thorn Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 7/7
Miquela Walsh Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 7/7


Governors' attendance at RSP Committee Meetings (for the academic year 2022/2023)

Full Name RSP Committee 14/11/2022 RSP Committee 06/02/2023 RSP Committee 27/03/2023 Summary
Chris Fox^^ Y Y N 2/3
David Hemsley Y Y Y 3/3
Ian Fitzgerald Y Y Y 3/3
Mark Thorn Y Y Y 3/3
Katy Baker Y Y Y 3/3
Miquela Walsh Y Y Y 3/3

^Jennifer Davidson - Left  18/10/2022 - Term of office expired

^^Chris Fox - resigned 05/07/2023

^^^Marie-Sophie Raskin appointed 20/10/2022

Register of declarations of interest (2023/2024)



Relationships with school staff, or other Governors/children at school

Katy Baker 


Parent to 3 children in school/pre-school 

David Hemsley 


Susan Cresswell  Personal or close family relationship

Parent to 2 children in school

Joanne Musgrave  Nil


Lindsay Pamphilon 



Krystal Patrice 


Parent to 2 children in school/pre-school 

Marie-Sophie Raskin 


Child attends school

Rev Paul Ratcliff 


Vicar of Wadhurst, Tidebrook and Stonegate

Chair of Trustees The Rose Trust is a local charity providing affordable housing for local people
Helen Ryan Personal or close family relationship  
Personal or close family relationship Katy Baker (daughter) is on the Governing Body of school

Lydia Thompson

Deputy headteacher


Mark Thorn 

Personal or close family relationship

Partner is staff member

Miquela Walsh


Parent to 2 children in school

Employed Work as an Educational psychologist for Kent educational psychology
Trustee support as a trustee for this charity

Meet the Governors

Name Type Appointed by First Appointed Term Start Term End
Helen Ryan Co-opted Governor Governing Board 20-Sep-23 20-Sep-23 19-Sep-27
Martin Webster Co-opted Governor Governing Board 20-Mar-24 20-Mar-24 19-Mar-28
Vacant Co-opted Governor Governing Board tbc tbc tbc
Vacant Co-opted Governor Governing Board tbc tbc tbc
Paul Ratcliff Foundation Ex-Officio Diocese of Chichester 13-Mar-19 n/a n/a
Joanne Musgrave Foundation Governor Diocese of Chichester 04-Dec-11 10-Dec-20 09-Dec-24
Miquela Walsh Foundation Governor Diocese of Chichester 10-Dec-20 10-Dec-20 09-Dec-24
Mr David Hemsley Headteacher, Ex-Officio Governing Board 05-Sep-19 n/a n/a
Lindsay Pamphilon Local Authority Governor East Sussex County Council 18-Sep-12 19-Nov-20 18-Nov-24
Katy Baker Parent Governor Parents 01-Dec-20 01-Dec-20 30-Nov-24
Krystal Patrice Parent Governor Parents 24-May-22 24-May-22 23-May-26
Harriet Sheridan Parent Governor Parents 26-Apr-24 26-Apr-24 25-Apr-28
Toby Stewart Parent Governor Parents 26-Apr-24 26-Apr-24 25-Apr-28
Lydia Thompson Staff Governor Staff 12-Feb-20 18-Apr-24 17-Apr-28

Governors who have left in the last 12 months



Date left


Chris Fox

Co-opted Governor

05 July 2023


Ian Fitzgerald Co-opted Governor 14 October 2023 Expiry of term of office
Sue Cresswell Parent Governor 05 February 2024 Resigned
Mark Thorn Co-opted Governor 20 March 2024 Resigned
Marie-Sophie Raskin Parent Governor 26 April 2024 Resigned

Paul Ratcliff

I’m a Londoner by birth and my first career was as a research scientist, working for 21 years firstly as a space scientist at the University of Kent and then for the Ministry of Defence developing tanks. In 2009 I left that work to became a vicar, originally serving in rural Kent. I came to Wadhurst in January 2019 as the new vicar, and that made me also Ex-Officio Foundation Governor at the school with responsibility for helping the school in the areas of RE and school ethos.

I came with some experience of school governance having served for over six years on the governing body of the Church of England primary school in my previous parish, where I was the Safeguarding Governor. I view working with schools as one of the most stimulating aspects of my role in the community and I thoroughly enjoy coming in to the school to take weekly Acts of Worship (which I usually do with my wife, Heather), and on other occasions such as helping with science week.

Katy Baker

I’m a mum of three little ones and our eldest daughter started Reception at Wadhurst Primary in 2020.  We recently located to Cousley Wood from London (via Tunbridge Wells) and we are really enjoying settling into East Sussex life. With our children set to be pupils of the school over the next few years, I’m really keen to be involved and do all I can to be an active part of our school and Governing board, which is why I am so pleased to be a newly appointed parent Governor of the school. 

Outside of being a Mum, I have a professional career spanning over 20 years in PR and Publicity, working to devise, implement and deliver full spectrum marketing and communications strategies for brands, influencers and high profile celebrities.

Following the birth of my first born, I retrained as a hypnobirthing teacher where I support and educate pregnant people to prepare for the births of their babies.  I have my own business, The Birth Thing, and I’ve spent the past five years building up a community to support expectant and new parents as they transition into parenthood.  I host regular meet ups and support groups, as well as teaching my antenatal courses.

As a daughter of a recently retired primary school headteacher, education has been a big part of my life. I have always admired my mother’s passion and commitment as a teacher and now I have children of my own, I can understand the fundamental importance of primary education even more. My short experience of our school so far has inspired me to want to be more involved in supporting the school to achieve our collective goals as I can already see what a huge role it will play in our family’s life and every other family who chooses Wadhurst Primary School.  I’m excited to see the school grow and evolve over the next few years and hope to use some of my experience and enthusiasm to support the school where I can.

Jo Musgrave

I have been a Foundation Governor since 2012 and am currently chair of the Teaching Learning Committee.

I’ve had a varied career in education working as a teacher and leader in primary schools and children’s centres, both in the UK and overseas. My particular interest is in early childhood development and literacy which has led me to work as a local authority advisor and for Ofsted. When I became a parent, I took a break from teaching but did not give up learning, studying for a Masters degree. I also help run Jellybeans, the toddler group for Wadhurst church.

I have a young son who loves being at Wadhurst Primary.

Miquela Walsh

I am a newly appointed Foundation Stage Governor which means that I attend the local Church and support the school in considering the spiritual development for our children as part of a holistic education and develop our connections with the local community.

I am a Doctor in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology and have worked as an Educational Psychologist across the South East for nearly a decade. I am interested in the connections, relationships and systems that we are all part of and how we can support children in a whole range of ways to thrive and feel confident within their own individuality. I am very excited to be joining the Wadhurst Governing Body and hope to support the school to continue to be a valuable part of the village and provide an excellent education, in the broadest sense of the word, to our children.

I have two young children who keep me on my toes, I help with Jellybeans, the parent and toddler group run by the church, I am involved in local Friends of the Earth climate change activism and love music.

Helen Ryan

I am a recently co-opted governor of Wadhurst Primary School and Nursery. My skills and knowledge are based on 40 years of teaching across the Primary and Secondary age range although my preferred teaching age group was Year 6. I retired in 2016 after nine years as a Headteacher of a two form entry Primary School in North Essex. Where, with a dedicated team, we raised standards and created an exciting learning environment where children felt safe and happy and enjoyed all aspects of their learning. 

I am the mother of two daughters and 6 grandchildren, three of whom attend Wadhurst Primary School and Nursery.

I am looking forward to once again being part of a school environment and supporting staff, children and parents in my role as School Governor to ensure every child achieves their full potential. 

Lindsay Pamphilon

I am a mother of three children all of whom have attended Wadhurst Primary school. I work as a Vice Principal in an FE College and have been involved in education for more than 20 years.

We are hugely fortunate to have a primary and secondary school in Wadhurst and I really enjoy the opportunity to play a role supporting the school

Krystal Patrice

Krystal assumed the role of a parent governor in 2022.  She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the school's governing board and the Chair of the Resources, Staffing and Pay Committee. Originally hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, Krystal has been a resident of the Wadhurst area since 2019. Two of her three sons are currently enrolled in the school where she is actively involved.

Professionally, Krystal is a chartered accountant and works in Financial Crime at a prominent bank, specializing in areas including fraud, policy, strategy, and framework.

She is a dedicated advocate for the school's inclusive values and is committed to advancing diversity and equality within the educational system.

Martin Webster

I’m a retired primary school teacher and taught mostly in London and a few years in New York. 
I moved to the area during lockdown. 
I have 5 grandchildren so I'm very aware of juggling family and work life. 
My interests are cooking for family and friends, gardening and knitting 🧶. I run two knitting groups in the village. I also volunteer at Carillon Cottage and Hands of Hope in Hawkhurst.

Harriet Sheridan

My family and I moved to Wadhurst in 2018 and I currently have three children at the school. 

I have a career in public policy spanning education, health and the economy. I ensure engagement and evidence inform decisions that shape the future and I advocate for policies that are sustainable and promote social and cultural wellbeing. 

I love outdoor adventures and I am passionate about encouraging environmental consciousness, resilience and active citizenship. 

Toby Stewart

My wife and I moved to Wadhurst in 2021 along with our two boys who both attend Wadhurst Primary School and Nursery seeking more space and freedom in the countryside for them to grow up in. I am an owner and Director of a media company and hope to bring experience from a general business background to the Board of Governors. Having spent a number of years as a Junior Coach at Sevenoaks Hockey Club it has always been a huge pleasure to see children thrive and develop with learning and with that it is a privilege to be a very small part of guiding the future of my children and their peers at Wadhurst Primary School.

I look forward to contributing to the very bright future for the school and playing a part in ensuring children, parents and staff continue to be proud of the setting, the school community and its achievements.


There are currently vacancies for two Co-opted Governors on the board and for Associate Members.  If you would be interested in joining, please contact the Emily Clark, Clerk to the Governors (clerk@wadhurstpri.e-sussex.sch.uk).  We look forward to hearing from you!

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