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Staying Safe Online


Online Safety (or e-safety) is about using technology safely, especially technology that can access the internet or be used to communicate with others. While the internet offers exciting opportunities for learning, entertainment, creativity and connecting with others, it also carries potential risks that children and young people need to understand.

At Wadhurst, we are committed to teaching children how to use technology safely and confidently, by minimising risks through their responsible choices and appropriate behaviour. Children are regularly encouraged to speak to a trusted adult to ask for help with decisions or if they are worried about any content they encounter online.

The rules of e-safety apply to any technology or device that can be used for communication and/or has access to the internet. This includes:

  • Computers and laptops.
  • Mobile phones and smart watches.
  • Tablets.
  • Games consoles, e.g. Xbox, PS4.

Useful websites for more information and advice: 


If you are experiencing online bullying or something else online has worried you please speak to an adult you trust, or you can talk to Childline at any time on 0800 1111 or at www.childline.org.uk.

Parent Toolkit


In school, Pupils are reminded of the SMART rules for staying e-safe from www.childnet.com.

For more information Check out our guide for parents and carers

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