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Collective Worship

The school community engages in a daily act of worship with enthusiastic singing, reverence in prayer time and participation by the children, both planned and spontaneous.  We have adopted a variety of strategies to present worship, e.g. interactive children involved, class-led, Stargazers, outside/church member-led. Worship takes place in class, in the hall, in church and even outside.  Great value and importance is placed on worship as a school; all staff members attend and parents are invited to attend church worship and worship in school where their children are leading.

Daily worship follows the liturgical order of gather, engage, respond and send, beginning in the classroom with the gathering making links between previous worship message and the focus for the days worship for them to reflect upon as they make their way to the hall carrying their class crosses. 

Collective Worship enables both adults and children to understand the importance of prayer through its modelling in worship. This is developed further through interactive reflective areas in the classroom, the prayer box available for all the school community, prayer within the classroom and the prayer station.

Easter service

Celebration Collective Worship

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