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Build a #NeuroNinja Webinars for parents & carers

We’re excited to bring you this term’s webinars. Each week we will focus on a different skill within the three strands of becoming a #NeuroNinja. All webinars start at 7:30pm and run for 30mins, there’s always time for questions at the end. Links to this term’s webinars are below.

Webinars are recorded so you don’t have to access them live, you can find them on the page for your school on our website – www.actionyourpotential.org. You just need to become a member, instructions are here. Once you’re a member click on the webinars button and find your school and use the password nnwps21

You will remember our mission to help everyone across the school community to learn all about their amazing brain.

With all this change about right now, a return to school and the preparations everyone is making it is natural for our brains to generate worries, in this video Andrew explains what worries are in the brain and how to manage them.

Don’t forget there’s lots of advice and support on the AYP website and we will continue to support you, your children and the whole school community throughout the year.

Well-Being Strand Webinars – to sign up to these webinars click here

Tue 9th Mar 7:30pm - Why Well-Being Works In Reducing Stress

Wed 10th Mar 7:30pm - Rock 1: Sleep, Why It Is So Good For Us And How To Get More Of It?

Thu 11th Mar 7:30pm - Rock 2 & Rock 7: Exercise & Walking Outside; Why So Good For Our Brains?

Mind Management Strand Webinars – to sign up to these webinars click here

Tue 16th Mar 7:30pm – Why We Worry And What To Do About It?

Wed 17th Mar 7:30pm – How To Respond Rather Than React To Anxiety

Thu 18th Mar 7:30pm – Why Are We So Hard On Ourselves When We Make Mistakes?

Unleashing Learning Strand Webinars – to sign up to these webinars click here

Tue 23rd Mar 7:30pm – 10 Leaps In Learning: An Introduction

Wed 24th Mar 7:30pm – How Our Memory Works and How To Improve It

Thu 25th Mar 7:30pm – The Power of Little and Often Learning

Find out more about being a neuro ninja

What we do...​

We work with schools and businesses to transform outcomes by supporting people to understand their amazing brains, to become Neuro-Ninjas.  

We will:​

  • Empower everyone in your community by helping them understand how to get the best out of their amazing brains every day.  

  • Supply simple advice & strategies on developing daily habits that enhance engagement, well-being, learning and motivation to help transform outcomes.​

For Parents

This isn’t just another training programme or learning resources.  This is the development programme you've been looking for.  Being a Neuro-Ninja is about facilitating change, progress and growth for everyone in your community in perpetuity. ​

Tomorrow doesn't have to be the same as today, tomorrow is the undiscovered country where we can unleash everyone to live inside their brains with agility to be the best for the world.

Video links for children and families

This term in school we are learning about Skill 1 – Do Your Rocks

Aim of the skill: To support children to understand how the 12 Rocks of Well-Being help their brain to build the best version of themselves every day. You can learn more about this together as a family by clicking here and accessing the links.  

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